Aspen Products

QC Technician

Sorry, this job has expired.

Kansas City, MO

Job description

Aspen Products QC Technician Skills/Experience Requirements; Day to Day Role but not

limited to the following:

Core Skills and Qualifications:

• Demonstrate minimum proficiency with the English language to ensure effective new

hire and ongoing communication about quality and safety issues

• At least 1 year of previous quality control experience

• Familiar with hand tools (i.e.: caliper, micrometer, thickness gauge), weight scales, and


• Must be able to use four basic arithmetic functions when working with quantities, using

scales and gauges.

• Excellent verbal, written, typing and computer skills (especially Excel & Word)

• Must be able to utilize color vision when checking product design color match or color

variation of production using Product Color Chart

• Experience working in a production environment is preferred

• Willingness to learn

Day to Day Role (this is a fast pace environment):

• Follow practices and processes intended to provide safe products that comply with and

meet the company's quality standards and serve the needs of our customers. This includes

a commitment to a process of continuous improvement.

• Inspect various production items for all defects during production

• Collect product samples and send them to the lab for finished product verification and


• Performs all various inspections (i.e: visual, net count, aesthetics, print design, label

information, etc)

• Inspect paper roll specification and packaging to ensure it complies with customer spec

and requirement; report incorrect (non-conforming) products and materials to the

production manager, production superintendent and quality manager.

• Verify, match paper roll tag caliper (point) with the Print Quality Tag’s noted caliper;

match paper roll design with the Work Order

• Notify the production line leader, operator, and shift supervisor of problems to make the

adjustment to production machinery to eliminate specific defects

• Report quality problems to the production manager and/or coordinate with the shift


• Teach and coach new hire (as needed)

• Assure compliance with all safety, quality, and Good Manufacturing Practice


Compensation: DOE